Obama Chooses Pat’s, Hillary Chooses Boccella’s

Well the candidates have made their voices heard on the matter.  And it was resounding!  Obama has chosen Pat’s — Whiz Wit Thank you very much!  Hillary went with the Chicken Cheesesteak at Boccella’s to keep her girlish figure on the road to the White House.

McCain hasn’t chosen yet.  But we’re pretty sure he’ll pander to the Vento crowd.

Saudi Prince Chooses Jim’s Steaks

When the Saudi Family chooses to get the “Philly Cheesesteak Experience” Where do they go?  Jim’s Steaks.

 According to Michael Klein and Inqlings, the Saudi Prince Nawaf bin Mohammed went to South Street after the Penn Relays and didn’t have to wait in line.  The line on a Saturday afternoon at Jim’s can be longer than Pat’s or Geno’s sometimes curling all the way around to 3rd street.  I’m a big fan of Jim’s Steaks as you can guess.  So kudo’s to the Saudi Prince, for not pandering to the Cheesesteak Mecca and traveling 8 blocks up the road. 

What did the Prince order?  Cheesesteak Wit.  I have no idea what cheese. 

Geno’s Joey Vento To Sue City?

Joey Vento, the Free Speech champion, wants to sue the city for, well something.  I’m not sure what his damages are?  The city’s Human Rights Commission were just addressing complaints from it’s citizenry.  He was absolved of any wrong doing.  But the commission must answer to the citizens of Philadelphia.  All of them.  Black or White.  English speaking or not.

Joey Vento is a nominee for A$$-Hole of the week.

link: Geno’s Steaks

Attack on Geno’s Employee

Last week, two young punks allegedly attacked a Geno’s employee who was trying to stop the young suburban wanksters trying to harass a clerk behind the counter.  Is this retaliation for the Geno’s “Speak English” sign controversy?  Or just some kids looking for trouble?

Here is slide show of pictures from NBC 10.  If you know these punks, call the police.   Here’s the full video of the report.  I gotta say, the Philadelphia police detective in here, is kinda hot. 

The attacked employee, Tony, seems like a tough dude and you’d have to be, if you’d:

“I’ve been shot, stabbed, hit with bats, pipes, bottles, everything, and multiple five-on-ones, 10-on-ones — never ended up like this,” — Tony Chestnut

We’ll keep an eye on this story. You can e-mail us at CheesesteakGuru (at) HammRadio.com with any information.