A Blog on Cheesesteaks???

So it has come to this.  Cheesesteaks have been hitting the news lately.  And we have been sitting on this domain name for a while.  The plan?  We decided to use this site to give our reviews of steak places we come across.  Share interesting stories from the world of the Cheesesteak.  Give you an idea of the cheesesteak lifestyle.   And perhaps be a guide to some of the richer experiences of being a Philadelphia.  So sometimes HammRadio.com is not the place for such discussions.  I guess, really?  Who knows you know? 

Okay, really it’s all an excuse to explain where I get the name Cheesesteak Guru.  As if I need another nickname.  And believe me I don’t!

Well, the following web-site BestCheeseSteaks.com maintained by John Russ, is where I was “dubbed” Cheesesteak Guru.  (Actually, it notes cheesteak guru.  But we won’t quibble with the spelling will we?)  And at least I didn’t give myself the nickname, like so many times I have tried.  My latest attempt, “Call me Silky.”  That didn’t go over well.  I still like the name though.  I had sent a top ten list of Cheesesteak places that were personal favorites of mine and I guess I went over and beyond the call of duty.  So, therein lies the name.  So in honor of John Russ and Philadelphians everywhere.  Welcome to CheesesteakGuru.com