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What’s the Fastest Way To Get to Pat’s???

We’ve talked about the 1 Cheesesteak per month rule before here.  There’s a good reason to have it.  I live 6 blocks from Pat’s And Geno’s.  I live 7 blocks from Jim’s Steaks.  I live just over a mile from John’s Roast Pork.  And it’s Just 2 miles to Tony Luke’s.  If I was Artie Lange I’d be dead by now. 

So with that plethora of great sandwich places, placing a 1 cheesesteak per month rule is a necessity.  Even if that makes it difficult for the Cheesesteak Guru!  How much content can I  put up here, if I’m only eating 12 steaks per year.

Well, last basketball season, I went to a Villanova basketball game with a few of my girlfriend’s friends.  (Yes, surrounded by Wildcats fans.)  Anyway, the plan after the game was to hit Pat’s steaks.  I gave everyone directions that would have prevented them from getting lost or getting killed.  Traffic was terrible, so it took the folks a little while to get to Pats. 

But the resident South Philadelphian, that I am, was able to bolt out of the Wachovia Center Parking lot, Make a right on to Pattison, quick Left onto 7th Street.  Shoot down 7th to Reed, make a left, then 2 blocks later, make a right on 9th.  Sometimes, I’ll switch it up to up to Passyunk to look for parking.  Or I’ll go down to Federal and loop around Capitolo Playground.

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