Cheesesteak pioneer dies

When a legend dies, we all weep.  I know it seems weird to call a man who invented the cheesesteak a legend, but he is.  I don’t know if Harry Olivieri is more responsible than Pat (who is the namesake of the famous Philadelphia Landmark Pat’s Steaks.)  I suppose that’s for historians to decide.  Okay, I guess, I can decide.  It was Harry who was responsible for the meal that keeps my stomach looking like I’m nearing my second tri-mester.

It’s 3:40am, I’m starving… and I know that Pat’s Steaks (from now I’m I will call Harry’s) is the one thing that will halt my hunger.  But I made a rule with myself, to only get 1 cheesesteak per month.  So, I will have to wait, the month is almost over, so I plan on getting a steak soon.  I just have to wait for the right moment.  But celebrating the life of Harry Olivieri is probably the best way, I suppose?

 American ‘Wit.