How To Order Philly Style?

The rules are fairly simple.

  1. Order in English. — Geno’s Steaks Only
  2. Don’t Stumble. Don’t Hesitate.
  3. Also, Keep your Have your Money IN YOUR HAND BEFORE YOU ORDER.
  4. Cheese Preference First — Whiz. American. Provolone. (Some places will have Mozarella.)
  5. NEVER say Swiss.  (See Kerry, John)
  6. If you say “Cheese” you will get the default.  Most places that will be Whiz.  Some places will be American.
  7. Next Onion Preference.  — Wit’ Or Wit’out. (Note the Dropped H, this is Key)
  8. Special Orders.  Some places have great options like a Pizza Steak (Mozarrella with Marinara) or Cheese Steak Hoagie (L, T, O).  Seek out the Menu before hand.
  9. When All Else Fails, Just order… Whiz Wit’out. If you remember that you’ll be fine.

Editors Note: Personal Preference here at CheesesteakGuru is American Wit’. If you can find a spot that has melted American (see Steve’s Prince of Steaks) You will be gold.

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