CheesesteakGuru.com is a member of the family of web-sites under the HammRadio.com umbrella, brought to you by Cunningham Communications and Productions (HammRadio.biz). This blog will present reviews of various cheesesteak shops across the Delaware Valley and the World. Reviews will not be limited to just Cheesesteaks, as we will review other restaurants and bars that we like to frequent.

You won’t come to CheesesteakGuru to find flowerly language that only an epicurian or bon vivant would appreciate. But it will be in a approachable language that any visitor to our blog will appreciate. We will detail things like service, atmosphere, ambience, price and much more. For the first time visitor, you will be provided with a guide to ordering a cheesesteak the proper Philly way. You will also get information about service that might be helpful, for example, if you speak only Spanish, there are certain shops you might want to avoid.

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