The City Calls Joey Vento In For a Sitdown

Joey Vento, owner of Geno’s Steaks, was hauled into the Friends Meeting House to be grilled by the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, to discuss his sign, “This is America, When Ordering, Speak English!”  I’ve historically been a Free Speech.  I have no problem with Vento expressing his belief in a “Constitutionally protected political and personal views that English should be the official and adopted language of our nation.” If he wants this sign in the window in his home.  FINE.  But when you talk about commerce, that’s a different story. 

 Yes, you can discriminate against a person who refuses to wear shoes or a shirt.  But that’s more of a health code reason, to discriminate against the shoeless.  But this guy placed his sign, above another sign, “Management Reserves the Right to Refuse Service”, you are telling explicitly telling non-english speaking folks, don’t come here.  On the same block from Geno’s is a Vietnamese Hoagie shop, La Lupe (where they make my favorite Chorizo taco’s), and RIM (the owner is from France!).  Philadelphia is a melting pot.  The Italian Market area is much more diverse than ever before.  It’s a good thing America. 

Even if this guy has never REALLY refused anyone a steak, we all know what he’s saying.  *wink* *wink*

And we all know what Dom Giordano and his “half filled motorcoach” of racists retirees are nominees for’s A$$-hole of the week.  Good Luck, Dom.

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